There’s a moose on the loose! Moosehead unleashed new hair product range


Australian men’s grooming company, Moosehead, recently sent us a couple of their nifty new products to try out. Ever the office guinea pig and given the fact that none of their products are not tested on animals, Mark Pilkington volunteered to give them a whirl…



Grubby Putty – When a styling moose claims that it’s scented to smell like Red Bull, you know you are either in the middle of some marketing nightmare or this is a seriously cool product. They could have just said it has a berry fragrance, but that just wouldn’t have been trendy enough, so instead we’re told it’s inspired by that well known energy drink instead. Good grief. Still, it does the job of holding hair into place admirably, and is both easy to apply and being putty, by nature it doesn’t make you hair too greasy. Contains beeswax and Canubra wax for extra strength. 8/10


Moose-turising Face Hydrator – This one promises to get rid of wrinkles, so as a man of ever advancing years, I was almost bathing in the stuff when it came to applying it after every wash. Rest assured, it didn’t work. Having said that, my skin certainly felt smoother to the touch and I even had a few passing compliments from women who asked what that smell was. I didn’t think ‘It’s my face hydrator’ was an appropriate response, so instead brushed it off by saying it was a new brand of after shave. Contains vitamins A, C and E to moisturise skin. 7/10


If you fancy getting your mitts on some dead trendy Moosehead gear, you can visit their website and find your nearest stockist.