Christmas. That time of year when we tend to eat, drink and be merry more than any other. The two week festive break (for most of us) is filled with late night and morning after hangovers.

But how do you know if you are fit for purpose when we have to drive to the in-laws the morning after a particularly heavy night before? Before you get into a car, you should know if you are over the limit.

This is where the new AlcoSense Lite 2 comes into play. This potentially life-saving gadget is able to tell if you are within the legal limit to safely drive a car, or you should instead be sensible and phone for a taxi.

Gadget Heaven

  • Easy to use, offers peace of mind for the morning after. Simply switch on, exhale for 8 seconds into the tube attached to the device, and you will be presented with the result.

  • The cost of the device is a definite plus point – granted there are more expensive versions out there which are more accurate, but there is no doubt this represents great value for a breathalyser.

Gadget Hell

  • Requires an annual recalibration, which means the accuracy is only relevant for the first 12 months. The device will warn you when a recalibration is needed. Current cost for recalibration is just over £20 (nearly half the cost of the device in the first place!).

  • More blow tubes would have been appreciated. The standard pack comes with two supplied, but more would have been welcome. You can pick up additional packs of 20 for £5 from the manufacturer directly.

Final Verdict

Whilst the Police may not completely approve of its use, this at least offers you a reassurance that you are not driving over the limit. Designed for the morning after, as opposed to just after you leave the pub or party, this is a cost-effective way of knowing which side of the law you are on when you step into a car…