The new PS5 has finally launched to much fanfare (and frustration from those that missed out). The lucky ones who have managed to get their hands on a console before Christmas may well be interested in checking out the latest accessories from Snakebyte.

Games Tower 5

Capable of holding up to 10 games, this storage unit is well-built and design-wise looks the part next to the PS5. Whilst the packaging is covered in the PS5 name, the storage unit itself can also be used for PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X games. The unit also includes slots on the side to hold games controllers and a storage drawer for accessories. If you are forever falling over boxes scattered on the floor, this is the ideal storage solution.

Charge & Data Cable 5 / HDMI Cable 5 Pro 4k/8k

The charging cable and HDMI cable are built to last, both being contained in a sturdy mesh cable-casing. Along with the ability to charge PS5 controllers, the Charge & Data cable is also compatible with models of Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Pro and various models of LG, Song and Motorola mobiles which use a C plug. The HDMI cable is capable of supporting up to 8K video and all supported features.