True Blood: Drinks & Bites review

With the seventh and final season of True Blood about to hit our screens, HBO has launched a new range of tie-in goodies. The most intriguing of these has to be Drinks & Bites, a food and cocktail book that promises to be more than just a novelty purchase…


True Blood Drinks & Bites is a recipe book designed for the ‘true’ True Blood fan. The type of fan who is not just happy watching the show, but who likes to immerse themselves into the series in as many ways possible. Featuring a selection of drinks and nibbles inspired by the show, this is the book of choice for hosting a True Blood themed party.

So what do you get for your money? There is plenty of variety here to get your tastebuds going. There are 10 non-alcoholic drinks, 18 alcoholic ones and 15 types of snacks to try out. Each of the recipes are tied to one of the shows characters, along with photos and background information to give them a True Blood vibe.

They are also suitably named, with some of our favourites being Faerie blood, Lou Pine’s Special, Red Dead Cupcakes and the wonderfully-titled Arti-Choked-To-Death Dip. They’re inventive, if nothing else.

Released just in time for the final season of the hit show, this is a great book to accompany the series. Even if you don’t make all of the recipes inside, they are still fun to read up on, and the accompanying notes are entertainment in themselves.

One for the fans, definitely, but even if you are a casual viewer, this is still worth grabbing just to sample the mouth-watering contents within. Move over Nigella, the vampires are in town…

Mark Pilkington