KaZoo iPhone cover review

Now you really can talk to the animals thanks to Griffin’s new KaZoo range of iPhone covers…


Are you looking to protect your new iPhone but fed up of the 101 copycat covers out there? Screaming for something original that will make you stand out from the crowd? Meet Griffin’s new Kazoo range– animal-themed iPhone covers made from durable silicone with an added dose of cuteness.

Designed for children or the young at heart, each case is designed to fit the iPhone 5 snugly, ensuring it is tightly gripped within the rubber mould. Spending on your tastes, you can choose between a variety of animals – in our case we were sent a dog, but you can also buy foxes, elephants, parrots, pandas, penguins, lions, owls, sloths, hippos and zebras. A whole zoo full, in fact.

The quality throughout is impressive, and your heart no longer has to skip a beat should you accidently drop your phone. With special openings allowing access to the camera and ports, along with integrated buttons to use the volume and power switches. The cases feel great in your hands too, thanks to the soft silicone rubber.

The KaZoo animal covers are great fun – a similar range of accessories are also available for iPads and iPods – but as I mentioned above, they won’t appeal to everyone. In fact, try answering your phone with one of these covering it down the Dog and Duck and you may well attract irate gazes from a few unsavoury types. Ahem.

Price: £19.99