Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets review

Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets is a first-person survival horror that centres on Jack Holmes, the titular character who investigates a mysterious building rumoured to be home to living puppets…

Gaming Heaven

The game stands out with a genuinely eerie atmosphere, drawing you into a world that feels unsettling and suspenseful. The variety of locations and some well-designed jump scares adds depth to the experience and keeps players curious about what’s around the next corner.

Gaming Hell

The game’s biggest drawback is its combat, which feels basic and often frustrating. This, coupled with enemy AI that rushes at you relentlessly, leads to abrupt and often unfair deaths. The lack of brightness also exacerbates the challenge, making it difficult to spot threats in the dark. Combined with occasional texture issues, these technical flaws make the game feel unpolished and rough.

Final Verdict

A mixed experience. On one hand, it offers genuine scares and a uniquely creepy atmosphere. On the other, its combat is clunky, and its presentation leaves much to be desired. While not for everyone, horror fans with patience might find it worth exploring, but be prepared for a bumpy and clunky ride along the way.