RAGE 2 review

Rage 2 (PS4 / PC / XB1)

The original Rage was an open world Max Max inspired FPS that had all the right ingredients to be a modern classic. Unfortunately, whilst it garnered a cult following, the experience did not translate into sales figures. And that, folks, was a crying shame. Having enlisted the help of Avalanche Studios of Just Cause fame, will the sequel live up to expectations and give game the sales figures it deserves?

Gaming Heaven

  • Action all the way. The pace of this game is non-stop and feels like the shackles are thrown off if you have experienced the more sedate pace of a certain Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • The Mad Max desert setting may have been a little washed out in the original, but it is a colour feast here, and whilst the OTT art style is not for everyone, full credit to the artists for pushing the boat out.
  • Id Software are the chaps behind Doom, and thankfully the action borrows many cues from that stellar franchise’s gameplay.

Gaming Hell

  • The story is very… meh. Still, you don’t buy a game like this for it’s plotline, right?
  • Too short for its own good, once complete you are left wanting more.

Final Verdict

Let’s be honest, this isn’t the most original game you will ever play, but if you are looking for an old school adrenaline blast look no further. Everything taken into account, it is great fun. Now just go out and buy the bloody thing.