GRID review

Grid (PS4 / PC / XB1)

Codemasters reboot of Grid has a lot to live up to, with the original being heralded as one of the acclaimed racing simulators of yesteryear. Primarily known for their annual F1 and Rally releases, Grid offers so much more, giving you the chance to race in a multitude of different cars as you embark upon the ultimate racing career…

Gaming Heaven

  • Plenty of cars to try and drive here – fans of Gran Turismo will be in their element as they drive all manner of cars they will never be able to afford in real life.
  • Playability takes precedent here, drifting around corners has never been so much fun.
  • Your opponents will learn how you drive and react accordingly, and won’t hesitate to ram you off the road if you are too aggressive.
  • If you crash the car, you are given the opportunity to rewind the action to seconds before collision in order to avoid crashing out.

Gaming Hell

  • Whilst you can change the camera angle from third-person perspective, to the drivers eyes in-cockpit, in truth the latter is completely useless as you can never accurately judge where other cars are on the track.
  • There may be lots of variety on offer here, but sometimes progression can feel like a chore; more of a grind than a thrill.

Final Verdict

A competent game, but never quite reaches the heights you would expect from the same team behind Project Gotham Racing. Very much a middle of the lane driver.