WORLD WAR Z review

World War Z (PS4 / PC / XB1)

Based upon the book and the film of the same name, World War Z features a global outbreak of the zombie-kind, in which the said undead are more akin to olympic sprinters than the shuffling ghouls made popular by George A Romero. With the action taking place in Jerusalem, New York, Moscow and Tokyo, this is a truly global affair. But is this co-op shooter more Left4Dead than left for dead..?

Gaming Heaven

  • Play solo or with up to four players at a time. Sounds familiar?
  • Each of the 11 different missions is well designed, and the environments ooze in atmosphere.
  • Like the zombies themselves, the action is fast-paced and should please any fan of shoot-em’ups.

Gaming Hell

  • Gameplay is repetitive, and you will be performing the same tired moves again and again in each level.
  • Once you have played through the campaign, there is very little incentive to come back for more.

Final Verdict

For what could have been an exciting blend of horror and action ends up being a mundane button masher. We know they are zombies, but the poor enemy AI really does labour the point… Nothing new to see here, move on.