UTOMIK review (PC, Android, Smart TV)

Streaming to a PC or TV near you, Utomik is a gaming subscription service that boasts an extensive library of over 1,400 games spanning various genres. Promising a hassle-free gaming experience without the need for hefty downloads or installations, is this the right gaming solution for you?

Gaming Heaven

One of Utomik’s standout features is its impressive game library of over 1,400 titles, which includes both classic and recent releases. No matter what tastes you have, there is sure to be something in there to please everyone. As the platform employs a streaming model, you can play games without the lengthy download times associated with traditional services, making it a real boon for those who want to try a title without sacrificing too long while it installs.

Additionally, Utomik’s subscription pricing offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing individual titles. A range of different subscription plans cover a monthly individual cost of £5, up to a pre-paid family subscription catering for four different users with unlimited access for under £80. The service also shines in terms of accessibility, supporting PCs, Android devices and smart TVs.

Gaming Hell

Despite its many strengths, Utomik is not without its drawbacks. With a strong focus on indie games, the most significant concern revolves around the limited coverage of certain popular titles and the most recent releases. And it almost goes without saying, as with all streaming models, the service is only as good as the internet connection, which can result in lags or disruptions.

Final Judgement

A budget-friendly streaming service, nobody can argue that Utomik features a cost-effective and diverse gaming library. However, its limitations in terms of exclusive titles may hinder its appeal to some users.