Times & Galaxy review

Times & Galaxy is a visual novel that lets you step into the role of the galaxy’s first robot reporter. As an intern at the renowned holopaper Times & Galaxy, you’ll embark on various assignments, from investigating crash sites to covering quirky events. The game boasts extensive customisation and a unique premise but is held back by a few notable issues.

Gaming Heaven

Playing as a robot reporter is a fresh concept. The game allows you to choose your writing style, whether sensational or informative, affecting your readership and reputation. As you would imagine, game’s strongest aspect is its branching narrative. Your choices significantly impact the story, leading to different outcomes and enhancing replay value.

Gaming Hell

Despite its strengths, Times & Galaxy has several downsides. The controls are a major frustration. Movement feels slow and awkward, and interacting with objects or characters often requires precise alignment. Navigating the game world can be cumbersome, with frequent instances of getting stuck on objects or walls. It’s all very much a painful experience. Additionally, the art style, characterised by thick lines and odd designs, gives the game an amateurish look that undermines its unique concept.

Final Judgement

Times & Galaxy is a game with a lot of potential – the game’s charm, engaging puzzles, and vibrant visuals make it worth exploring, especially for fans of visual novels. If you can overlook its shortcomings, Times & Galaxy provides for a quirky and fun adventure.