Those Who Remain (PS4, XB1, PC)

“Stay in the light”. It’s a simple rule to survival in this horror game that borrows gameplay features from, well… pretty much every Outlast-clone of the past few years. With a smattering of puzzles to break up the stealth action, this is a tried and tested formula for survival horror success that gamers of the genre will know all too well.

Gaming Heaven

  • To survive, you must light the path in front of you, meaning turning on lamps and light switches to avoid darkness. A simple rule that helps notch up a foreboding, tense atmosphere as you try to remain in the light. 

Gaming Hell

  • Slow-paced to the point of slumbering along, the speed at which this is played doesn’t help the excitement.
  • The puzzles seem to veer wildly from toddler-level basic to down-right mystifying, with no in-between.
  • For a horror game, perhaps the most frightening part is the lack of genuine scares.

Final Verdict

There is nothing bad about this game, it just isn’t very exhilarating to play. Far too slow-paced for its own good, a mundane gaming experience that horror enthusiasts will have all seen before.