The Council (PS4 / PC / XB1)

Telltale Games may sadly be no more, but part of their legacy lives on in the form of adventure games such as this latest offering from Focus Interactive. Intended for a mature audience, there is much to engross both fans of adventure games and RPGs in general. The choices you make have real and serious consequences on how the story unfolds, with a plot that combines conspiracy theories, the occult and a healthy dollop of alternative history…

Gaming Heaven

  • A game that treats you like an adult, with an engrossing storyline that combines mature themes with puzzles that really get the old grey matter ticking over.
  • Featuring the opportunity to interact with some of history’s pioneers, including the likes of George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Your decisions will take the game in multiple different directions, greatly affecting the narrative and replayability.
  • Character development is key here, as experience will allow you to train in particular skills, which in turn unlocks the window for additional conversation and in-game opportunities.

Gaming Hell

  • Some of the in-game puzzles are nigh-on impossible to complete without cheating. The clues are just too vague in many cases.
  • There are a number of visual glitches in the otherwise impressive graphics. Animations in particular can leave a lot to be desired.
  • Voice-over work is very wooden at times, thanks to the combination of actor and script. The main character is particularly cringeworthy.

Final Verdict

At last a mature, serious adventure game that sets a new standard for the genre. It’s not perfect, but the narrative and RPG elements are more than enough to draw you in to what is a highly absorbing adventure game.