Griffin iTrip

itripauto_hires_0If – like myself – you happen to drive a car of a certain age, then no doubt you would have grown frustrated at the lack of support for your iPhone. Cassettes are old hat, CDs are on their way out, so you are faced with the costly option of forking out for a brand new stereo, or… one of these little wonders, the Griffin iTrip.

Working as an FM transmitter, all you have to do is tune it into a spare frequency, and voila – crystal clear music that is playing from your iPhone. Hurrah for technology. Make sure you select a bandwidth that isn’t being used though, as the slightest hint of FMN radio can play a bugger with the audio output. Occasionally as you travel, you may need to change frequency, but this is easily done with the press of a button. Other than that, it is plan sailing and easily the mosty cost effective method of playing your iPhone on a car radio.

Handily, the iTrip also doubles up as a charger, meaning even if you are running low on battery, you can enjoy sweet music wherever you go.


Price: £29.99


cybercleanSpeaking of iPhones, here at Xtreme towers we have also been sent a Cyber Clean stylus. Perfect for wiping away sticky fingers, the basic pack includes the stylus itself and three refills of cleaner. Pricey for what it is, if you suffer from mucky fingers this could well be worth a look.


Price: £9.99

Amelia Pilkington