From the same team behind Assassin’s Creed, Immortals Fenyx Rising draws its inspiration unashamedly from Zelda Breathe of the Wild. Some mean folk would call it a clone, whilst other will say it’s a tribute to a great game. Call it what you will, the rest of us can just appreciate it for what it is…

Gaming Heaven

  • A mish-mash of gaming styles, primarily Zelda, you can also find hints of Tomb Raiders and Assassin’s Creed thrown into the open-world mix.
  • The game world is so big, you can easily lose yourself exploring it over the course of hundreds of hours. It really is that vast. An immense achievement.
  • The epic boss battles are especially of note, and conquering each of the monstrosities will feel like you have accomplished a grand feat.
  • The Greek legend mythos is expertly sewn into the gripping storyine.

Gaming Hell

  • Ok it is not the most original of titles. Granted, it’s not perfect and can be slightly cheesy at times, but enough grumbling.

Final Verdict

Yes, it is very much like a revamped version of Zelda Breathe of the Wild. That, however, is no bad thing, and translates as one of the most playable titles you can get your hands on. Thoroughly impressive. A new franchise beckons for Ubisoft..?