Griffin Woodtones Headphones review

Headphones made out of wood. What’s that all about? Mark Pilkington tries on a pair of Griffin’s new Woodtones headsets for size…


For the times when you don’t wish to upset your neighbours with your own customised brand of noise pollution, the Griffin Woodtones headsets are ideal for music or gaming. And of course, as you may have noticed from the picture above, they are also feature some oh-so-trendy panels made from real wood. This is all well and certainly eye-catching, but are they any good?

Granted at over £70 they are not cheap, but the quality shines through when you use them. They fit snugly over your ears, so much so that even without any music playing you will struggle to hear anything from the outside world.

When you do press the play button, you will be impressed by how rich the sound output is. The over-the-ear speakers are crisp and clear, and the headset as a whole is a solid affair thanks to some sturdy build quality. Having tested them with a variety of music genres, no matter how high you press the volume, sound will not distort (unless of course you decide to mash your mind with some REALLY heavy stuff).

The wood panelling ensures they are stylish to look at, and they really do stand out from the endless hordes of plastic wannabes out there. If you are someone who likes their music on the move or are into late night gaming sessions, you could do a lot worse than spend your hard earned wonga on a set of these.

Mark Pilkington