Greedfall (PS4 / PC / XB1)

This highly-anticipated role-playing game takes on the likes of The Witcher and Dragon’s Age, offering a unique 17th-century setting away from the standard medieval backdrop. As with Bioware releases of old, the decisions you make will affect the outcome of the game, and developer Spiders have really gone out to capture the spirit of those titles.

Gaming Heaven

  • Tired of the same old RPG setting? Greedfall’s playing environment is intriguing from the word go.
  • There are plenty of choices to make as you play the game, each decision affecting the path you take.
  • As with all RPG’s, character development is all-important,and you will find yourself engrossed with improving your avatar as you gain experience.
  • Combat is handled well, encouraging a strategic take in order to succeed.

Gaming Hell

  • Not the most polished of games, you feel the overall experience could be improved with a little more TLC.
  • Some of the quests are beyond the mundane, and seem to be filler and nothing much else.

Final Verdict

This could be the start of something great, and it certainly has heaps of potential, but whilst it is grand in its ambitions, executing those ideas leaves a lot to be desired.