Football Manager 2021 (PC)

The 2021 edition of the world’s most famous sports management franchise builds upon last year’s release which made improvements across the board. Can a National Division South team rise up the ranks to win the Champiosn League? Time to see how good a manager you really are…

Gaming Heaven

  • The chance to manage any team in the world, with a level of detail that is unmatchable. Real world clubs, players and stadiums – the level of detail here is quite something.
  • The match-day engine is by far the most notable improvement over previous versions. At last, we have a visually-appealing representation of matches that take advantage of modern graphic cards.
  • Comes with two different versions – Football Manager 2021 and Football Manager Touch – with the latter being a faster, more streamlined version of the original.
  • The in-game UI has been redesigned to make it more user-friendly, with your tactics and subs now contained at the bottom of the screen in a ‘dugout’, which easily allows you to make changes during the match.

Gaming Hell

  • Can take a long time to set your team up and actually get into playing a new season.
  • A few minor bugs here and there, but I’m sure something that Sports Interactive will resolve in later updates.

Final Verdict

The world’s most famous sports management franchise, and for a good reason. Old and new players alike will be pleased with what they find here, although your social life / marriage / sleep patterns may not be so agreeable.