Civilization VI (PS4, XB1)

Megalomaniacs unite! If you have ever fancied being a world leader and building an all-powerful society to rule all and sundry, this is the game for you. A game that is naturally at home on the PC, Civilization VI brings its unique strand of empire-building to the consoles. Is the transition one to be remembered, or will it be lost in the passages of history?

Gaming Heaven

  • It took it’s time to arrive on the consoles, but thankfully it has been worth the wait – key to this is making sure all gameplay elements have been ported across from the PC version, which 2K have duly delivered.
  • A multitude of legendary historic rulers to choose from, each with their own distinctive personalities and ways to play the game.
  • An educational strategy game that draws upon real history and events, and one that you will want to keep coming back to and discover more about the ingame references. 

Gaming Hell

  • There is no escaping the fact this is a game that is suited to a mouse rather than a video game controller. 

Final Verdict

There is a very good reason that this is known as the godfather of strategy games, and its reputation remains intact with a fundamentally flawless port from the PC version. The add-on DLC pack which includes extra nations is worth every penny.