We’re the Millers review

You thought your family was messed up? Meet the Millers. They’re the most dysfunctional ‘family’ in comedy…


Poor man’s drug dealer David Clark (Jason Sudeikis ) has his money and stash stolen from him of which he owes a little to his wealthy boss. To repay the debt, the boss forces David to smuggle marijuana from Mexico. To look less suspicious at customs, he puts together a ‘fake’ family which consist of wife, stripper Rose (Aniston), a runaway daughter and the neighbour’s virgin son.

These characters are insecure and each is in need of feeling loved and finding stability in their lives. The writers have flipped the saying you can chose your friends but not your family. David wants to fill a void in his life and choosing a family makes him realise what is important.

Families embarrass each other at any given opportunity (mine do) and the director makes good use of the RV (road vehicle) for this purpose. When you are lumbered with people it creates awkward moments. Parents have to improvise to get through the day – David and Rose do this with his hopeless advice and her stripping when the occasion calls. Cringe-worthy.

From the bloopers at the end, you could see the director allowed the actors to improvise. In comedy there has to be the confidence to push it so far but stay in control and they had that here especially Sudeikis.

Warning to guys: you do not under any circumstances want a spider getting near your privates. The result is a huge… Well, you’ll just have to watch the film to find out.

Rahim Galia

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