Enter the world of Zagoravia (which is mentioned about 100 times in this game), a world populated by vampires, ghosts, skeletons and demons. Luckily, it just so happens you are an experienced hunter of all things supernatural, so this is the video games version of Disney World for you. An RPG loot-’em’up with an added dose of Motorhead…

The Good:

  • A city to explore packed with monsters of all shapes and sizes.
  • A staggering number of weapons and upgrades to collect, Diablo fans will be well catered for.
  • The DLC features music by Motorhead!
  • An enjoyable game with a well thought-out control system.
  • The characters you encounter are engaging and amusing in equal measure.
  • Demon country is fun to explore, with a good variety of environments.
  • A huge variety of foes to discover, all of which are added to the in-game lorebook as you encounter them.
  • How many weapons to collect? You’ve gotta get them all!
  • The boss battles are suitably epic, complete with a nice cut-scene before each one.


The Bad:

  • The graphics are a little ‘old school’. They serve their purpose but nothing to write home about.
  • The in-game script is weak, in particular the overuse of the word Zagoravia in just about every other sentence.
  • When it comes down to it, the game doesn’t really change much after the first twenty minutes of so.
  • The huge amount of stats involved in this game can be a little daunting to keep up with.


The Verdict:

A surprisingly enjoyable game which will keep you coming back for just one more go, Diablo fans will feel instantly at home here. The bonus additions of the DLC and Motorhead game means this should be high up on anyone’s wish list.

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