PS4 / X-One / PC

Magic meets science fiction in this action RPG set on Mars. Does it manage to pull the trick off though, or is it far too clever for its own good?

If you have ever wondered if there is life on Mars, I can happily confirm after playing The Technomancer that, yes, there is plenty of it. The only problem is, if this game is anything to go by, the vast majority of it wants to kill you. I’m not just talking about humans too, there are angry spiders, mutants and space bugs all out to get you. Luckily, it is not all one sided, as the developers have granted you a whole armoury of weapons to collect and magic to learn.

This, of course, is a Mars set many hundreds of years in the future. Mankind has set up colonies there, having run out of room on Earth, and technology has advanced to such a stage that it incorporates elements of sorcery. You play one of the technomancers of the title, a warrior-type who is also a dab hand with a wand, with the ability to cast all manner of spells on his opponents whilst shooting bullet holes into them.

techno2After customising your characters appearance to your liking (i.e. hair colour, face, eyes etc), the game begins with a training level that introduces you to all your abilities and nuances. After that you are plunged into the deep end, being given a host of missions to complete as you explore the various environments that Mars presents you with.

This game plays pretty much as you would expect – as an RPG, you complete quests, level up, gain more abilities and so forth. You even get companions to fight alongside you at points in the game. The best way to sum this up is as The Witcher in space. It plays very much like that aforementioned game, and there is plenty to keep you engrossed in the 40 plus hours of play that awaits you.

The Technomancer isn’t an easy game to play, but it will certainly keep your attention. Combat in particular will take a while to master, as you have to learn a number of different fighting styles depending on your enemy. The magical aspect in particular can be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, the game really does open up and take on a whole new dimension.

There is plenty to master in The Technomancer, and thanks to an engrossing, original plotline, you will always be keen to find out how the story develops. The Red Planet is a highly recommended place to visit.

Mark Pilkington