Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts (PS4, XB1, PC)

The Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise is a peculiar beast. Often harshly treated by critics, the developers seem to keep coming back for more punishment with each release, with the previous title in the series, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 being judged as a particularly bad game. Now with added inspiration from the Hitman series, can the latest release make amends for the past issues that have plagued the game?

Gaming Heaven

  • A challenging game, although this will require the patience of a saint to complete.
  • The game looks great, with some outstanding scenery to take in as you hunt down your targets.

Gaming Hell

  • Sniper games are supposed to test your patience, and by their nature can be slow to play, but this is a slow and boring affair.
  • For what is a relatively short game, at just over 8 hours, it is a slog to complete.
  • Infuriating to play, there isn’t much to keep you coming back for more here.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately there are hardly any redeeming qualities to Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. Very hard to recommend when you have superior sniper games out there.

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