Now You See Me DVD review

It’s not abracadabra as we know it but a sophisticated and stylish type of magic film. They deceive us with illusion. Now you see me. Now you don’t…




A mysterious benefactor brings together four talented magicians to perform a Las Vegas show with an audience member deciding on their finale trick – robbing a bank in Paris. When the money in the bank vault goes missing for real, the police are on their trail.

In a world where it becomes harder to impress the masses, magic still holds a deep fascination. I enjoyed forming my theories as to how they conspired the tricks. Is it a case of mind over matter or do we surrender to the power of mind manipulation? Very Derren Brown.

The film explores the dark side of magic and the consequences of using hocus pocus for personal gain. The magicians use their skills beyond entertainment and into the realm of immoral greed. After all, they are tricksters and magic is a very lucrative business. The plot and the dialogue is clever with its twists and turns that keep you intrigued. The big city and bright light settings of Las Vegas and New York City make it all feel like a big extravaganza. Also, the tricksters escaping amongst the crowds and the challenge to find them is a game of logistics – fun to watch.

A melting pot of talent from the experienced Freeman and Caine to the fast talking Eisenberg – all enjoying the ride. Mark Ruffalo is the standout here. He just performs with subtle ease. A very watchable and charismatic big screen actor.

Rahim Galia