Need for Speed Heat (PS4 / PC / XB1)

Electronic Arts brings us the latest release in the Need for Speed series, this time set in the fictional location of Palm City (think Miami, but with more tarmac). It is the ideal playground for the cop chases and daring feats of driving to come… but is the gameplay as sizzling as the setting, or is this one release too many for the inconsistent franchise?

Gaming Heaven

  • A combination of NFS Underground and Most Wanted is a very welcome thing indeed.
  • The Miami-esque setting looks fantastic, and there is plenty of visual variety to keep you interested as you drive through the streets of Palm City.
  • You can switch between day and night settings, which determine the type of street racing you will get involved with.
  • The racing itself is both well presented and executed, and the adrenaline will flow through you as you push your car to its limit.
  • A good selection of car available, including the return of Ferrari.

Gaming Hell

  • Some of the cop chases are too difficult, which results in frustration, and you inevitably come off worse in one-to-one duels.
  • You can argue the series is starting to get a bit long in the tooth now; very much a Marmite franchise.

Final Verdict

Nothing outstanding or really new here, instead this is a thrill-packed racer which will please the majority of petrolheads. All that is missing is the killer blow of originality.