Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4 / PC / XB1)

“Finish him!!” Those immortal words have echoed from eleven brutal incarnations of this legendary game series, and they never get old. Having surpassed Street Fighter as the king of beat-’em-ups a long time ago, Mortal Kombat’s main adversary, the superheroic Injustice series, is ironically brought to us by the same developers… NetherRealm Studio. Forget the tights and capes though, MK11 has a point of its own to prove when it comes to ultra-violent fighting games.

Gaming Heaven

  • Storymode features some mind-blowing cinematics – MK has never looked so good.
  • Along with the single player story, here are various solo and multiplayer game modes to try out, including Krypt and Towers of Time.
  • Littered with Easter Eggs to appease fans of the series, along with artwork to collect and new fatalities to master.
  • The fighting is, as you would guess, more than up to the brutal and bloody standard you would expect of the franchise. However, it is now a more refined and tactical affair, which is no bad thing.

Gaming Hell

  • Many of the characters follow the same fighting stance, meaning that while they are easy to learn, many are only cosmetically different.

Final Verdict

For many gamers, the name is all that is required to shift units by the blood-bucketload. Thankfully, the quality here is outstanding, and you will be buying one of the finest, if not THE finest, fighting games on the market.