Metro Exodus (PS4 / PC / XB1)

The third (and final?) chapter in the Metro trilogy brings us once more into the nuclear wasteland, a desolate landscape full of mutants, bandits and a rather unhealthy obsession with arachnids. Based upon the series of novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus is a first-person RPG with a unique blend of action adventure and survival horror. Already a series with great acclaim, is it a case of having saved the best until last?

Gaming Heaven

  • Starting off as a by-the-numbers shooter, the gameworld soon opens up into a sprawling, expansive environment to explore.
  • Graphically, you are in for a treat here – whoever thought a nuclear wasteland could look so good?
  • The creatures you encounter in the radioactive landscape are the stuff of nightmares. And let’s not even mention the spiders…
  • Alongside the new-found freedom the game grants you to explore anywhere, there is also an engaging storyline to follow, with a real effort going into the narrative.

Gaming Hell

  • The ability to climb onto any object in the environment is a bit hit and miss, bordering on glitchy at times.
  • The version we played was a little buggy, but hopefully later patches will iron out any quirks.
  • Enemy AI leaves a lot to be desired, which can be a source of frustration.

Final Verdict

A fresh take on the tried and tested Metro formula, the new open-world setting will mean hours of exploration are ahead of you. The blend of action and survival horror is also well done, and if it is an atmospheric shooter you’re after, then look no further…