Lords of the Fallen review

(PS4, PC, XOne)

A hardcore action role playing game, with the emphasis on hard, Lords of the Fallen is not a game for the feeble thumbed…


Bearing more than a little resemblance to Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen is a solo-player fantasy RPG in which you venture across a fantasy world, hacking and slashing your way to victory.  Playing a warrior has to fight the darkness (i.e. typical fantasy fare), you can choose from three abilities and three classes, ranging from fighting, thieving and sorcery.

With a strong focus on combat, you can control a number of different powers to help you defeat your foes, gaining experience and levelling up as you progress. As you explore the game-world you will come across better weapons and armour to use, along with special items each with their own unique abilities.

lordsfallen2The graphics here are top-notch, and visually you would be hard pressed to find anything at here. That is just as well, because avoiding death in this game is a hard task indeed, so at least you have something nice to look at whilst you die…

Did we mention just how hard this game is? Everything is fine and dandy when you start playing; you happily learn the combat system and basics of controlling your character. So far, so good. Then all of a sudden, the difficulty notches up a ramp, and suddenly it isn’t quite as much fun to play. In fact, it gets to the point where it becomes borderline annoying.

Granted, if you like to fight tooth and nail in your video games, then you’ll be right at home here. Production levels are sky high, and you can see what a quality product it is. However, more casual gamers should steer clear. There is just so much more to life than playing the same level again and again and again…

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