Lego Marvel Super Heroes

(360 / PS3 / PC / Wii U)

Our Spidey-sense is tingling! Could this be the best LEGO game yet? Read on, true believer to find out more…


Following on from the likes of Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s the turn of Captain America, Spider-man and friends to get the LEGO treatment.

Granted, the idea of blending this game-style with superheroes has been done before with the Batman titles, but whilst lacking in originals ideas, the gameplay is second to none. You still control an animated LEGO character who can run and jump around the various levels, smashing up objects to collect studs (i.e. points) and building new ones to unlock new sections. But it is just so much darned fun to play, it is hard to fault.

Part of the games charm is its ability to cross the age gap and appeal to gamers both young and old alike. In this respect the games hold an almost universal appeal. It is a winning formula, and one that has enchanted millions worldwide. The relaxing pace means it is easy to pick up yet can have you mesmerised for hours on end. This is both addictive and charming in equal measure.

The Marvel licence is put to excellent use here. Not only do you have a multitude of heroes to play as, but each different character possesses unique abilities that you can use to overcome both enemies and the environment. You will never be stuck for things to do either, as there is always somewhere to explore, items and characters to unlock, along with countless studs to collect. The replay factor here is very high indeed, making it exceptional value for money.

The famous sense of humour found in these games is the perfect fit for the Marvel universe, and the cut scenes will have you smiling in no time. As well as Captain America and Spider-man, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes features 150 playable characters. Yes, you read that correctly – 150. A superb effort, and fantastic use of the license.

The magic of LEGO and Marvel has created a charming game packed full of in-jokes and geeky references. Forget in-your-face graphics and adrenaline pumping mayhem that other titles – the whimsical charm found here has created a game you will want to come back to time and again.

Mark Pilkington

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