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A fantasy role playing game with the royal seal of approval…


Kingsroad is a jam-packed online RPG that you can play on your browser or on a Facebook platform. This is technically a hack and slash type of game where you use your mouse and keyboard to control your character. The gameplay is generally like that of Diablo.

It took Rumble Entertainment, the game developer, a lot of beta testing before they were able to release this game to the world. Now that is has been recently introduced to the masses, it is now garnering a tremendous amount of attention. Because of its accessibility to gamers (with its own browser and Facebook platforms), it is very easy to join in the pack.

If you will take time to watch the introduction of the game, you will be impressed on how much effort they have given this game especially when it comes to the effects and graphics. The characters were drawn intricately on an oil-based painting style. And the story is enticing. You will really feel the ambiance of that era where Kings and Knights used to rule the world with their skills in strategy.

Playing the game, you have the option to select one character amongst the three options: Knight, Archer and Wizard. Once you have selected your player type, you can start with that character and change it at the middle of your game. So, you can do a little experimentation on your own.

Knight is a mille type of character while the Archer and the Wizard are for long range. As each character has its own set of skills, you will also notice that there are general skills that are available for all of them. There are also different types of item quality: fine, superior and legendary. The stronger you are the rarer your tools will be. There are also limited chests that you can purchase with gems.

This game is really entertaining. If you are a beginner, you will not be lost because you will be guided on the first set of quests that will be given to you. The whole interface is very easy to navigate. There is also the added bonus of intricate character and plot design.

Since this is an online game, you can connect with your friends. You can link your account using your Facebook profile or you can create your account directly in their site, There is also an auto-select system where you can find a random online player and invite them to your party so that you can easily finish quests and level up faster. However, there is a limit of three players in a party so you cannot really invite as many people as you want. You will notice that the points at the end of each quest is divided among the players in the party. If you really want to make your character stronger, having just two partners to share the points with is more than enough.

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