homecomingWhen it comes to picking a psychotic ex-girlfriend, you could probably do a lot worse than having Mischa Barton on your case. That is the premises for this film, where the actress famed for playing a butter wouldn’t melt type in The OC discovers her mean side, taking on the role of a jilted ex who is overcome by jealousy when she meets her old flame’s new lover – a pretty rich girl who is everything she wants to be.

The boyfriend in question is Mike Donaldson (Matt Long), a successful football player who returns home in his university break with his new girlfriend in tow (90210’s Jessica Stroup). Having always held a candle for him while he has been away at university, Barton’s character, Shelby Mercer, is both shocked and saddened that her former beau hasn’t waited for her while he has been away.

Rather than get drunk and sleep with the first bloke that looks at her, she decides to exact revenge upon him, and does this by kidnapping his new girlfriend. You can see where this is leading, cant you? Think of this film as a cross between Fatal Attraction and Stephen King’s Misery, and you will be along the right lines of what you can expect here.

The problem with Homecoming, whilst being a fairly suspenseful film, is that Mischa Barton is simply not convincing enough… Maybe I am too used to seeing her in The OC playing a the do-gooder. Butter wouldnt melt, and all that. A shame really, as this could have been a really good film, if somewhat full of clichés. As it stands unfortunately, you are better off giving this a miss.

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