Grand Theft Auto V review

(Xbox 360 / PS3)

Since 1997 when Grand Theft Auto first captivated us all, Rockstar have been able to create a series of game’s which have been both innovative and controversial. Has GTA5 managed to keep with tradition?


With the hype building up over the last 18 months and making an incredible 500 million dollars on its opening day, it’s not hard to see why GTA5 was the most highly anticipated 2013 release for the current generation consoles. For me, this was the game where excitement took over.
First impressions, was one of the nonstop grinning. The dynamic’s of the gameplay and cinematics were spot on. Immediately you are captivated and thrown into the prologue set 10 years prior of the main story. This is where you are initially introduced to two of the main characters, and then afterwards you are introduced to the third main character in present day.
Straight away from the get go, it’s the open world environment every GTA fan dreams of. Nothing can prepare you for the amount to take in, as you tear away in your first stolen car your brain just can’t process the amount of detail provided, from foreground to horizon is layer upon layer of incredible landscapes, buildings, and infrastructure.
You realise immediately that GTA5 has rather different feel of RPG simulation compared with its predecessor GTA4. From the driving dynamics to the reaction of other drivers around you, the evolution has been taken to another level. Throughout the game Rockstar have given us reminders of the heritage, with references to previous characters and funny moments which all GTA fans will be sure to pick up on.
At any point whilst not on a mission you can take part in a massive selection of activities including golf, parachuting, hunting, racing, tennis, fitness challenges, right up to playing around with the stock market. All of these activities will enhance your players skills so he can execute the missions better. Only problem is trying to find the time to fit this in between all the murdering, stealing, bank robbing, curb crawling, and generally being the boss of the sandbox world.
Though we had to wait a long time for it, Rockstar have excelled everyone’s expectations and the Hype was definitely fitting. Every part of GTA5 has you hooked and you can’t put the controller down. Oh Rockstar, what have you done to my social life…

Wayne O’Doherty

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