Football Manager 2020 (PC)

After a few years of minor updates and half-hearted improvements,the 2020 edition of the world’s most famous sports management franchise is heralded as something of a return to the glory days. Building and investing in your team takes time and a lot of patience, and come a big match you can experience a truly unique feeling as you urge your team to score that all important goal… and all this from a game that amounts to a glorified spreadsheet.

Gaming Heaven

  • The chance to manage any team in the world, with a level of detail that is unmatchable.
  • Player stats are based on their real-world counterparts.
  • Comes with two different versions – Football Manager 2020 and Football Manager Touch – with the latter being a faster, more streamlined version of the original.
  • The chance to manage a non-league team and turn them into Champions League winners? ‘Nuff said!

Gaming Hell

  • Can take a long time to set your team up and actually get into playing a new season.
  • Graphics are virtually non-existent, and the 3d simulator is nothing to write home about.

Final Verdict

The world’s most famous sports management franchise, and for a good reason. Old and new players alike will be pleased with what they find here, although your social life may not be so happy. You can kiss that goodbye.

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