FIFA 15 review

(Xbox 360 / XOne/ PS3 / PS4 / PC)

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again. That time when EA Sports roll out the big gun in its line-up and releases its annual update of the FIFA franchise…


To be honest, if you have taken the time to read a review of FIFA 15 to find out what the game is all about, then you are socially in very serious trouble indeed. Every man, woman and sprog knows about the FIFA games, and if they haven’t played them, then they surely know someone who has.

And yes, this time around it is even better than ever before. Practically everything has been improved upon, most notably the in-game physics and player AI. Thanks to the revamped game engine, controlling your players now feels more natural and responsive than previously. Player realism is the key here, and FIFA well and truly delivers in this area.

Thanks to the official licences, not only are all the teams here to play, but each and every player has also been reproduced in pixalated glory. You can’t help but admire the level of details that is present here, and hats off to FIFA for bringing us the most up to date incarnation of football you can buy.

The modern day equivalent of Top Trumps, FIFA Ultimate Team is the mode that will keep most of you coming back for more, but along with that, there are a host of tournaments, cups, leagues to keep you busy. As with previous versions, there is also a manager mode to prove you are a tactical genius, as well as knowing a thing or two about the transfer market.

Mark Pilkington

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