F1 2019 review

F1 2019 (PS4 / PC / XB1)

In many ways, the latest edition of Codemasters Formula One game can be likened to Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team. With no decent competition to speak of, the market is theirs for the taking, all of which is thanks to the official license featuring all the real-life car and driver likenesses.

Gaming Heaven

  • Squint and you would be hard pressed to see the difference between the real life F1 action, and it’s digital counterpart. The graphics are that good.
  • Realism is the key here, and serious race fans will be rewarded for the time they put into this game.
  • You can customise the cars and settings to your heart’s content. Almost every racing aspect of your car can be adjusted.
  • The new F2 mode is a welcome addition, and adds a further dimension to an already engrossing single player career.

Gaming Hell

  • Not the easiest game to pick up and play, you will find yourself crashing and spinning off the track at almost every concivable opportunity during your first few goes.
  • For your money’s worth, you may as well purchase F1 2018, and the additions here are annoyingly minor compared to previous editions.

Final Verdict

In what is the tenth anniversary of Codemasters official Formula One games, this latest edition continues the good work of previous releases. However, as is always the case with games that come out every year without fail, this latest edition feels more like an update of previous releases rather than a whole new game.