Doom Eternal (PS4, XB1, PC)

The Doom Slayer is back in this follow-up to 2016’s praise-worthy reboot of the series. Whilst it would have been easy for the developers to rest on their laurels and bring us Doom 2.0, instead they tear up the rule book and ramp up the difficulty to what can only be described as hellish. However, is it a case of one demon too much for the legendary first-person shooter?

Gaming Heaven

  • A more streamlined shooter than its predecessor, the action here is played at a breakneck pace, and doesn’t let up for a single second.
  • Great variation in enemies to slaughter, each with their own unique strength and weaknesses that you must learn to taken them down.

Gaming Hell

  • Let’s face it, this game is murder to play, with the ultra-high difficulty setting (even on the easiest mode) too much for the majority of gamers.
  • The endless slaughter is perfect for an adrenalin rush, but I’m sad to say this is a game that proves more stressful than fun to play.
  • Whose idea was it to put platforms into Doom??

Final Verdict

There is no denying the action here is fast and in-your-face. Just what a Doom game should be like. The problem is the developers decided to ramp up the difficulty level to a point where it is just not fun to play. Considering the Doom Slayer is supposed to be this legendary ‘badass’ character, a casual player will struggle to progress very far in this. One for the hardcore gamer only.