Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PS4 / XB1 / PC)


This year’s annual CoD release is a little different – for the first time in the franchise’s history, there is no single player campaign. Instead, borrowing heavily from the success of Fortnite, we have a heavy focus on multiplayer gaming and more zombies than you can throw a grenade at. It may be the fourth edition of Black Ops, but there is no denying this is the game’s most original release for a long while. Depending on how it is received, it could well shape the future of the franchise for years to come…

Gaming Heaven

  • A plethora of distinctly different game modes to occupy yourself with, including the Fortnite-busting Blackout and franchise favourite Zombies.
  • The gameplay is as strong as ever, and this is easily one of the most playable CoD releases, thanks to its focus on multiplayer.
  • Real tactics are required to progress, featuring tense cat-and-mouse affairs that will keep you coming back for more.
  • They may as well rename this Call of Duty: Battle Royale. It’s that good.


Gaming Hell

  • No single player campaign is a big miss – the game just doesn’t feel 100% complete without one.
  • The game can feel initially confusing and the lack of narrative doesn’t help matters. Takes time to get used to.


Final Verdict

The brave new world that awaits you here is – lack of single player campaign aside – an extremely welcoming one. Call of Duty was sorely in need of a refresh, and this game delivers in spades. Hundreds of hours of PvP mayhem awaits… get stuck in.

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