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F1 2019 review

F1 2019 (PS4 / PC / XB1) In many ways, the latest edition of Codemasters Formula One game can be likened to Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team. With no decent competition to speak of, the market


Dollhouse (PS4 / PC / XB1) A psychological horror game in a noir setting, Dollhouse takes you through a nightmare journey into the mind of a female detective suffering from amnesia. Can you recover her lost memory

RAGE 2 review

Rage 2 (PS4 / PC / XB1) The original Rage was an open world Max Max inspired FPS that had all the right ingredients to be a modern classic. Unfortunately, whilst it garnered a cult following, the


A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS4 / PC / XB1) With a compelling storyline at its heart, A Plague Take: Innocence is a breath of fresh air in an almost never ending wave of multiplayer shoot-’em-ups. This single-player


Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4 / PC / XB1) “Finish him!!” Those immortal words have echoed from eleven brutal incarnations of this legendary game series, and they never get old. Having surpassed Street Fighter as the king of

WORLD WAR Z review

World War Z (PS4 / PC / XB1) Based upon the book and the film of the same name, World War Z features a global outbreak of the zombie-kind, in which the said undead are more akin