From the team that brought you the Saint’s Row series comes Agents of Mayhem, an open-world shooter full of over the top action. You play as a trio of agents, each with their own separate identity and special abilities. The action here is full of explosions and gunfire as you take on the might of an evil genius intent on world domination. Yes, yes, you’ve heard it all before, but at least it is delivered in a quirky way with added attitude. Spliced with some cartoon cutscenes, this is a game that refuses to take itself too seriously, but does that mean that you shouldn’t? 

The Good: 

  • Action fans are well catered for here, and you won’t have to look far to find things to shoot and blow up… 
  • You have the ability to play as three separate team members, which can be swapped around during the game. 
  • Open-word game structure with some well-designed environments to explore. 
  • The cartoon cutscenes are well animated. 
  • The less said about the story, however, the better – it is very cringeworthy indeed. 


The Bad: 

  • The action quickly becomes repetitive and wears you down the longer you play. 
  • A little buggy in places, particularly when it comes to missing waypoints during missions. 
  • The over-the-top attitude and voice acting grates very quickly. 
  • Likewise, the in-game jokes sound terrible and fall flat. 
  • Far, far too much purple was involved in the making of this game. 


The Verdict: 

A fun game to quickly pick up if you fancy a blast, the game loses its edge the longer you play it for. The over the top action is strangely addictive, but soon grates due to lack of variation. The characters are one-dimensional and there is nothing here to intrigue you or care about how the story develops. Things Saint what they used to be…

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