2013 summer blockbusters preview


Louise MacGregor looks forward to a cracking summer of film…

2013 is going to be a good year for films. We’ve already seen the release of a few crackers- Django Unchained, Warm Bodies, A Good Day to Die Hard – but the rest of this year promises a positive plethora of films to be excited about.

Firstly, and obviously, it’s the much-delayed The Great Gatsby, which finally descends from movie paradise on May 10th. As well as an almost pornographically good cast- Leo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton to name a few- it’s directed by the wonderful Baz Lurhman. I’ve much confidence in his ability to make a classic love story accessible for a modern audience (the neon Romeo + Juliet, anyone?) and  his eye for visuals is pretty much unsurpassed. With sterling source material to boot, this is circled on my calendar in red marker pen, twice.

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